Civil Defence


Overview of the Civil Defence
The Civil Defence was founded under the terms of the Air-raid Precautions Acts 1939 and the Air-raid Precautions (Amendment) Act, 1946 and Local Government Acts 1941 to 1976 and various statutory instruments. Under this legislation, Civil Defence is empowered to train and conduct exercises for its role in wartime.
The government published a White Paper on Defence [PDF, 6.86MB] in February 2000 which sets out the government’s medium term strategy for civil defence covering the period up to 2010.
With the enactment of the Civil Defence Act 2002, the Civil Defence Board has assumed responsibility for Civil Defence at National level. Prior to this, the Civil Defence function at national level was the responsibility of the Minister for Defence and was normally delegated as a specific function to the Minister of State and administered by the Department of Defence. The responsibilities of civil defence at county level are administered by a Designated Officer, the Civil Defence Officer (an employee of the Local Authority) who reports to the director of service of Community and Enterprise. 
Kerry County Council has created a Major Emergency Plan for the county. The Civil Defence Officer is also a member of the Kerry County Council Major Emergency Management Committee and is responsible for ensuring that Civil Defence members are trained in accordance with the organisations responsibilities as outlined in the plan. This training includes:

  • First-Aid
  • Bicycle Unit
  • Welfare
  • Auxiliary Fire Service
  • Radio Communications
  • Driving courses
  • Land and Water Search
  • Evacuation

Civil Defence is an organisation in which Irish citizens can give voluntary service within the framework of local and central government structures.
Civil Defence duties include the following:

  • Respond to flooding problems
  • Respond to environmental problems
  • Respond to major emergencies
  • Participate in river, lake and coastal area search and recovery
  • Broaden the scope of rescue capability

Kerry Civil Defence trains for and participates in National Exercises which are conducted annually and provides opportunities for large scale exercising of the members, helps to broaden their skills and provides a forum to inject external influence and expertise into the organisation and provide objective assessment of performance.

Joining the Civil Defence in Kerry

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Civil Defence please log onto for recruiting information.

Contact details

Tom Brosnan,
Kerry Civil Defence Headquarters,
Co. Kerry
Telephone:(066) 7128500
Fax: (066) 7122885
Mobile: (087) 6694011