Education & Games

Welcome to the Education and Games area of the Kerry Fire and Rescue Service web page!  This area explains Fire Safety to kids, parents and teachers. We encourage parents, teachers and kids to work together to make your home and community a safer place for everyone.


Safety Team Advice

  • Matches and lighters are for grownups
  • Do not play with fire

  • If you become trapped in smoke, get down on your hands and knees. There will be fresh, cool air near the floor.

  • If you think there is a fire, before opening the door, feel it with the back of your hand and check the handle. If it’s hot don’t open it, find another way out


  • If the fire alarm goes off, a cool door and handle may still not mean that it is a safe way out. Kneel down and open the door a little to see if it is safe.

  • If your clothes catch fire

  • STOP, DROP & ROLL , NEVER RUN! - If you can, roll up in a rug or blanket
  • Check smoke alarms once a week

    • It will give you early warning of a fire.
      • Replace the battery when it is needed.
      • Do not take the battery out if it goes off when you are cooking, move it to a new place.
      • Do not take the battery out to use in a toy.
      • Know your emergency phone numbers - 999 Or 112

      • You can dial Emergency Numbers free from any phone, even a mobile phone

        • Know your address and phone number
        • Speak clearly to the operator
        • Stay on the phone until the operator tells you to hang up.
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