Killarney Fire Station


Welcome to the Killarney Fire Station of the Kerry Fire and Rescue Service located just off the Killarney By-Pass road in one of the busiest tourist destinations in Ireland. The two pump station is the second busiest in Kerry with many high-risk buildings including 40 hotels and countless B & B’s and hostels within its catchment area. The Killarney National Park and its surrounding areas, which are very vulnerable to gorse and wild fires, are well protected by Station Officer Mark Brady and his 14 retained fire crew staff. The substation officers who assist Mark are Paudie Mangan and Mike O’Brien. The staff of is very proud of the appearance of their station and participate yearly in the Tidy Towns competition. They have won numerous awards in the ‘Best Public Building’ category.


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Mike O'Brien has been working with Killarney Fire and Rescue since 1991 and he is a Sub Station officer. He is a native of Killarney.


Mark Brady has 8 years of experience working with the Fire Service in Kerry. Previously, Mark worked with the Clonmel Fire Service for 12 years.

Paudie Mangan has 20 years of experience working with the Fire Service and is a Sub Station Officer