Our Services

The Kerry Fire and Rescue Services will always respond to fires and other emergencies, but our work has changed over the years with a much stronger emphasis now on fire prevention and community safety. We work to help people stay safe from fire and other emergencies, in the home, at work and in other types of buildings. Accidental fires in the home are the main cause of fire deaths and we do all we can to reduce these fatalities. We work to educate people about what they can do to protect themselves from fire.

These are some of the services we provide:

  • Emergency response to fire, road accidents, chemical incidents and other hazards 
  • Provision of Fire Safety Certificates to builders and developers
  • Provision of licenses to public events, e.g. firework displays
  • Provision of fire safety advice and recommendations
  • Inspections of both dwellings and non-dwellings for compliance with the Building Regulations and Fire Safety.
  • Schools Programme to help pass on Fire Safety information to the children in the community
  • Fire Safety week activities, where Fire Service staff go out into the community and distribute Fire Safety information in the form of leaflets,
  • radio interviews, and we advertise the activities of Fire Safety Week in local newspapers and publications.
  • Smoke Alarm Scheme where smoke alarms are distributed to the vulnerable members of our community.

Please go to the Community Safety Section of this web page for more information on our community programmes.